How to Improve Incentive Travel with Technology

Incentive travel is a fast growing industry and more businesses have realized its importance.

Find out how

Employees are always looking forward to new experiences. Here are the 5 ways on how to improve corporate travel incentives with technology:

1. Establish a consistent up-to-date reference

Before going for a trip, you must get everyone motivated and excited; apart from that, you must ensure that everyone is prepared.

Here, you can use an events app as a central hub where all the information that is related to the trip can be found. The staff should be allowed to share the articles, as well as the news - directly on that app.

2. Provide content ahead of time so that you can make the meetings more productive

Before you get down to business in the morning, ensure that you've done a perfect balancing between work and play. The meetings must be planned well in advance so that you can maximize productivity.

Adding prospective meetings to trip apps ensures that everyone is up to date with the topics. Smaller teams can take ownership of the projects that seem more popular so that final presentations can be posted on downloadable documents right on the session pages.

In this way everybody will have a chance to view them and prepare thoughtful comments and questions.

planning schedule

3. Leverage audience experience by using interactive sessions

Although session feedbacks before the event are allowed for collaborative and thoughtful approach to the content, live apps keep participants engaged onsite. Breakfast meetings can be transformed into interactive discussions.

During the sessions, every team can be asked to pick the values that they are more informed about. The select team then provides an opportunity for alignments when the votes are more divided; the discussion is then adapted and the data is changed as you all witness.

4. Using games that are engaging so that everyone can get involved

Games are addictive apart from being engaging; this is because big objectives are always broken into smaller challenges. Such games are good because they provide instant gratification apart from offering frequent doses of gratification.

During longer training sessions, you can break the content with memory-testing challenges and award points to any correct answer. The winner can then go to the most coveted hotel suite.

You can play this in every room throughout the evening so that you can award the person who has the best retentions.

5. Use participants’ insights and offer the best experiences and activities

Evenings can be fun; you can use event apps to get people excited before the event. Track the number of participants and their activities, get the preferred time-slots and know who is going for each event.

Ensure that people have spent this time together.