Concrete Pump is a kind of automation equipment for conveying mortar and cement concrete. It experiences two periods. The first one is mechanical force working as power, and the machine can only convey the cement and mortar. The second one is the machine using oil pressure as its power, and this sharply improves the lift height. It not only can convey mortars, but also can convey cement concrete with stone.

The concrete pump has many advantages, such as evenly stirring pulp, good stability concrete batching plant, and easily adjusting the proportion of mortar concrete pumps, stone and cement.

Concrete Pump

The Main Characteristics of Concrete Pump:

1. The concrete pump equipment adopts S tube to delivery the concrete, and it has well sealed and longer service lives.

2. The hydraulic system of concrete pump equipment adopts cool air to dissipate heat, and it has low lift height and is easy to operate. It can reduce the pipeline block to the greatest extent, and make moving parts have longer service lives.

3. Concrete pump is equipped with manual centralized lubrication system, which ensures the rotatable components long service lives. The electric case is equipped with a wire remote control handle, making the operation much easier.

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