HZS50 Professional Concrete Batching Plant:

professional concrete batching plant

HZS50 professional concrete batching plant often used in the host using the twin-shaft mixer forced to produce plastic, dry concrete and other hard, reliable quality. Measured using electronic scales accumulate aggregate or individually measured, cement, water, additives are used in the weighing bucket, accurate, computer control, simple operation, easy to adjust, and reliable.

Aggregate using bucket elevator or conveyor belt feeding two kinds of ways. Electrical components and reliable performance, high power production for on-site production of large quantities of concrete.Mixing console using twin-shaft compulsory, with a stirring time is short, fast unloading, mixing uniformity, high productivity, for dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete can achieve good mixing effect.

Mixer liner and mixing blade with wear-resistant material with a special treatment, the unique seal type end supports and greatly improve the life of the host.

Fully enclosed, air-conditioned control room greatly improves operator comfort and reduces operator's labor intensity.

HZS50 professional concrete batching plant manufactured machine uses a computer and PLC control, either automatic control, manual operation is also simple to operate, easy to master. Dynamic panel display, a clear understanding of the operation of the various components, but also can save ratio, yield data, and output printed statistical tables, with powerful management features. Friendly interactive features to the site management, monitoring provides a strong favorable support. With automatic error compensation function, and can automatically complete the scheduled irrigation times of production.

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