The Security Maintenance of Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Ready mix concrete plants plays an important role in the construction market. The ready mix concrete batching plant is the main equipment of producing concrete. To use concrete batching plant safely and effectively, we should make full preparations for maintenance of concrete batching plant.

First, the operators should often change the mechanism of lubricating oil. Before work, the ready mix concrete plants should have an empty running, make material storage transportation equipment insulation or heating and antifreeze work good.

Second, To check whether there is water in the bucket ingredients, if you find some there,clean it up. Be very careful of batching control instrument, because this is electronic instrument, once exposure to the sun or rain or lightning, it will be damaged and seriously affect the accuracy of the ingredients, so batching control instrument should be placed by erection sunscreen, rainproof, dustproof, lightning protection facilities. At the same time, the water pump, water tank, pipe of water should be eliminated, in order to avoid frost in the chill season.

Third, as the concrete reserve space, cement bin whose main materials are steel plate is also one of the main equipment for ready mix concrete batching plant. Because it is exposed to the air, it is easy to corrosion, then we must check the anti-corrosion work of cement bin, especially the cement bin surface to see whether paint besmear is in good condition and the thickness and smoothness is qualified.

Ready Mix Concrete Plants

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