The future development of asphalt mix plant

The asphalt mixing plant is an essential equipment in road construction, it mix the different particle size aggregates and filler together uniform in accordance with a certain ratio, with asphalt as the mixing material under specified temperature. As professional asphalt mix plant manufacturer, we can say the asphalt mixing plant is one of the key machine in road construction, so the quality of hot mix asphalt plant affect the quality of asphalt pavement directly.

asphalt mix plant manufacturer

The asphalt mixing plant has a long history, it appearance in the start of this century. After long-term development, especially with the rapid improvement of electronic technology and the advanced computer technology and information processing technology, asphalt mixing plant has reached a very high level in developed countries and is still being improved constantly. In the development of asphalt mixing equipment, under the consideration of components interchange, the modular design principle is adopt, it is the basis of modern mixing equipment structure, the standard commonality coefficient is 80% average.

Asphalt mixing plant has many years development history, the development of the current stage is rapidly, with over 20 year experience of manufacture asphalt mixing plant, after discuss with other asphalt mix plant manufacturer, we list the following aspects:
1: The development of large and medium-sized asphalt mixing plant is expected in the future, the demand for asphalt mixing station will be larger.
2: The multi-purpose asphalt mixing plant has a good development prospects.
3: Develop high reliability mechanical seal to improve the reliability and life of asphalt mixing plant.
4: The new materials, new technologies and new craft will be gradually applied to ordinary pumps.
5: Pay attention to the appearance of asphalt mixing plant, giving users feeling of beauty.

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