High efficiency automatic batching plant

The highly automatic batching plant has the characteristics of excellent and stable product quality, low production cost and good environmental performance. The computer control system of the automatic concrete batching plant is used for the automatic electronic batching and control device of concrete production. It is composed of industrial control computer, operation console, power distribution cabinet and so on. According to the given formula, it can automatically and continuously control the weighing, feeding, stirring and discharging of each part of the material. It improves the previous way of producing concrete by the construction site itself, reducing noise and dust pollution.

automatic batching plant
Fully automatic concrete batching plant control system, that is, gravel aggregate batching, weighing, conveying, mixing and unloading are all automatically operated, no manual intervention is required, and the labor only needs to click the "start button" before starting the beating. The concrete batching plant fully automatic system is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation. It can integrate monitoring and remote operation. Although the initial investment cost is relatively high, it saves manpower and is the operating system of ready mix concrete plants and automatic batching plant such as large and medium-sized engineering roads and bridges. Semi-automatic systems are generally used in engineering batching plants, which use fewer components. During the operation of the control system, there can be manual intervention operations, control of concrete proportioning, and interruption of interruption operations. The investment cost is moderate, the operation is flexible, and it is popular among engineering projects. The small township mixing plant can also be used.

The main features of the control system of automatic batching plant are as follows:
1, Adopt manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic microcomputer control system, with functions of production, statistics and data management;
2, With automatic correction of drop, tare weight, fault display and alarm function;
3, With multiple groups of recipe storage, recall, modification, printing, screen display, query and other functions.
4, It can display switch input, output status, scale value, drop, control parameters, time, etc.

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