Automatic concrete batching plant

Automatic concrete batching plant control system brings the benefits of manual reduction, concrete quality control and production efficiency. With the development of the concrete batching plant industry, the automatic degree requirement are increasing, and people are more inclined to highly automatic concrete batching plant equipment, especially the fully automatic concrete batching plant. The concrete batching plant control system has three control modes, distributed microcomputer control, centralized microcomputer control, and centralized dual microcomputer control. At present, the concrete mixing station configuration is mainly a centralized dual microcomputer control system.

automatic concrete batching plant

Below we will briefly introduce the automatic control system of the concrete batching plant. The centralized double-microcomputer control system of the concrete batching plant adopts industrial control computer, I/O acquisition and high-precision weighing system. According to the concrete production process and quality requirements, the data acquisition and production fully automatic control is realized through the control software, and it can record production data information real-time, use data management to query/print multiple production reports. The hardware configuration of the system is scientific, the selection is reasonable, the overall stability is good, the function is powerful, and it has many performance advantages:
1, Operation automation, realize the automatic continuous production function of the batching plant equipment to improve the production efficiency of the equipment; in addition, the automatic moisture content conversion function.
2, The total number of batches and the quantity of the quantity can be automatically converted to reduce the workload and the possibility of misoperation,
3, High precision of ingredients, automatic compensation, deduction and adjustment of the parameters of the ingredients, improve the accuracy of the ingredients.
4, High safety factor, reliable operation, compact structure.
5, Simple operation. The system provides fully automatic and semi automatic control modes. In the fully automatic mode, no human intervention is required, and the microcomputer automatically completes the entire batching process and prints in real time.
6, The whole process of visual monitoring, to ensure that all aspects of automatic concrete batching plant production at a glance, avoid risk accidents in advance.

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