How to configure a batch plant for sale in south africa?

South Africa has been a country which developed rapidly in recent years, and the market of batch plant for sale in south africa is very hot, At present, there are hundreds of concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers, so how to choose a cost-effective concrete batch plant equipment? How to configure a batching plant for sale suitable for our business?
batch plant for sale in south africa
1, The concrete mixer
The twin-shaft forced concrete mixer is the heart of the entire concrete mixing plant production line. Professional concrete batch plant manufacturers will focus on the quality of the key component such as gearboxes, lubrication systems, hydraulic actuators, etc. So the concrete batching plant for sale in south africa has good mixing effect, durable and reliable quality.
2, The belt conveyor
The belt conveyor is a device for transporting materials. It should be noted when applying it to a concrete batch plant for sale. Control the angle of the belt conveyor, for its angle involves the amount of material conveyance, with the same length, the smaller angle can deliver more material than the steep angle.
3, The metering system
The quality of the metering equipment is directly related to the accuracy of the quantity of ingredients in the concrete batch plant. To minimize the accumulation error of the material. The butterfly valve at the exit of the screw machine can not only control the measurement error of the powder, but also stop the flow of the powder, and effectively isolate the influence of the positive and negative pressure of the weighing on the powder in the spiral tube. Admixtures play an important role in concrete, and their anti-leakage matching devices are also indispensable.
4, The air compressor
At present, the technology and quality of screw air compressors are far superior to piston air compressors. There are early warning and prompt functions, low noise, no vibration, stable and reliable operation.
5, The dust collector
Now, most of the concrete batch plant for sale use pulsed bag filters. Once the filter element is durable, the replacement cycle is doubled, and it needs to be changed only once in two years, which can save costs. Second, there is no trouble to damage the support frame.
6, The control system
The control system is directly related to the quality of the concrete and the operation of the concrete batch plant for sale in south africa. Now computer network control not only reflected in the degree of production automation, but also in the control, data analysis and management of the concrete production process.

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