Notices of batching plant site movement

With the continuous development of urbanization, many batching plants can be seen both in the countryside and in the city, these are essential equipment in construction site. After the project is completed, the batching plants need to be transfer to the new project site. No matter mini batching plants or the large commercial concrete batching plants, there are many notice points to be noticed when moving or transporting.

batching plant

After the determination of transfer, we must choose the demolition team with experience, during the migration process, the removal rate of concrete batching plant is a key factor that affect the transfer speed and period. In order to complete the relocation fast, the key work has three aspects: making the detailed scientific program according to the characteristics of disassembly sequence, select the appropriate and experienced disassembly team. Strengthen the supervision and the reasonable arrangement of machines and personnel to avoid cross operation, ensure the cost of human and mechanical equipment to be minimum in the demolition process. Ensure the transportation safety, make sure that there is no equipment damaged and no missing parts. Another point is to note that, pay attention on the safety of workers and operators, the people should be far away from the vehicles while moving, besides, hang up the safety hook on the transport vehicle for safety transfer.

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