How to choose the metering system of beton batching plant

When we use the beton batching plant equipment, we will find that no matter which manufacturer, or what configuration of the concrete batching plant is, the metering system is very significant. The metering system of concrete mixing plant equipment is the important part of the complete equipment production line, the quality of concrete produced by the concrete mixing plant production line are inextricably linked with the metering system. Thus how to choose the metering system of the concrete mixing plant equipment?
beton batching plant
Now the concrete batching plant equipment metering system can be divided into two categories: one is the accumulative metering system, and the other is the independent metering system. The accumulating metering system has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, and of course low cost. The disadvantage is that the measurement accuracy is not accurately as measured separately. The advantages of the independent metering system are: high metering accuracy, higher loading height than cumulative metering, and its disadvantage is high cost.

According to the advantages and disadvantages of the metering system, and combine the actual needs of construction to select the metering system that is more suitable for the concrete mixing plant equipment. The reference for the selection of the metering system: For projects with large amount of engineering such as bridge construction and large-scale commercial concrete mixing stations, it’s better to choose separately metered metering system. If it is a small civil construction project, the concrete production volume is not particularly large, we can choose accumulative metering system for the beton batching plant equipment.

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