The advantages of twin shaft cement mixer

The cement mixer is also known as concrete mixer or concrete mixer machine which can be used for mixing concrete alone or used in concrete mixing plant. The most popular model of concrete mixers in the market must be the twin shaft concrete mixers. Therefore, the twin shaft concrete mixer must have many advantages that other model do not have. As concrete mixer manufacturer who have experience more than 25 yeas, Haomei can summarize the reasons and advantages.
cement mixer
Double-shaft forced cement mixer, which uses a high wear-resistant alloy mixing arm technology, it has good mixing quality, high mixing efficiency, wide range of uses, high wear resistance, strong impact resistance, greatly extended the maintenance period. The hydraulic drive discharge gate can avoid the phenomenon of unloading due to lack of pneumatic force when the pneumatic door is unloaded. The several sets of stirring blades are staggered, so that the mixture is fully, rapidly and uniformly stirred in the cylinder. Whether it is feeding, discharging or water supply, all of them are highly automated, and all motor control parts are in the electric box, which is safe, reliable, easy to operate and maintain. That’s the reasons why twin shaft concrete mixers have been favored by more customers.

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