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Haomei supply high quality china concrete mixer for sale, which has the advantages of good performance seal, high mixing quality and high efficiency. JS concrete mixers belong to twin shaft concrete mixer, which has strong mixing ability and long service life, so Haomei concrete mixers have won good reputation on the market. The quality features of concrete mixer manufacturers in China has decided the good sale on the market.

china concrete mixer

The outstanding features of JS series twin shaft concrete mixers are:
1, Multiple shaft end seal technology
Two steel bearing protection rings are used between the side mixing arm and the shaft head to prevent coarse sand from entering. An air passage is opened in the steel ring. When a certain pressure of air is applied to the air passage, a pressure protection pad is formed at the contact surface between the side stirring arm and the shaft head, so that the water and the mud are not close to the shaft head, and the life of the concrete mixer is prolonged.
2, Rigorous production process and preferential prices
The production of the forced concrete mixer has strict and scientific process specifications for each processing and assembly process. While ensuring strict parts and components inspection and testing processes, attention is also paid to the inspection and control of the entire process of the concrete mixer. Such high-quality, durable china concrete mixer equipment prices are also very reasonable, there is no large advertising costs, there is no difference between the middlemen earned, to a greater extent to benefit customers.
3, Perfect after-sales service to win customer praise
After years of hard work, Haomei china concrete mixer manufacturer have established a complete and effective service system and built an experienced service team that can serve you at any time, ensuring that you can solve problems in time when using our equipment.

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