HZS compact concrete batching plant with precise ingredients

HZS compact concrete batching plant can reduce the cover area to save cost, reduce the pollution area for environmental protection. To ensure the quality of concrete, it is first necessary to improve the batching accuracy of each raw material. In order to accurately determine the accuracy of aggregate batching, these improvements have been made in the hzs series compact concrete batching plant.
compact concrete batching plant
The storage hopper single feed opening is changed to double discharge port
When the hopper of the hzs concrete batching plant is one, it is very easy to have a problem, that is, the material is blocked, because the aggregate is easy to be conically accumulated when the aggregate is discharged at a single discharge port, and the cumulative height reaches a certain height, it is easy to block the discharge port. This is often the case with single weighing machines. In order to prevent this problem, in the independent weighing and batching machine of hzs compact concrete batching plant, 2 holes are designed to avoid clogging. On the other hand, the double feed door can be separately controlled to further accurately cut the amount of material. However, the concentrated weighing batching machine aggregates down the belt conveyor and enters the weighing hopper, which is not easy to block the material, so the centralized weighing and batching machine does not need such a design.

The control system sets the drop value and automatically checks the replenishment
Because the load cell is weighed on the hopper at the hzs concrete mixing station, if there is no drop difference design, after the sensor senses the weight, the feedback will stop the hopper discharging, and a time difference will occur. In this time difference, the aggregate continues to enter into the weighing hopper. The amount of aggregate that enters the weighing hopper is called the drop value. This drop value may affect the final mixing quality. Therefore, when we choose the control system of the compact concrete batching plant, we must be able to facilitate the customer to set the drop value setting function. In addition, the automatic replenishment function will further determine the amount of aggregate to prevent errors.

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