The configuration of compulsory concrete mixing machine

Compulsory concrete mixing machine have a lot of equipment to be consist of, and these equipments are very elaborate, and they are determined by repeated trials by designers. Taking the silo as an example, the compulsory twin-shaft concrete mixer is equipped with a waiting silo when it is used as the mixing machine of the concrete mixing station.
compulsory concrete mixing machine

When the compulsory concrete mixing machine is used as the mix machine of the concrete batching plant, in order to improve the production efficiency and make the batching speed of the aggregate catch up with the powder and water compounding speed, a waiting silo will be provided for the compulsory concrete mixer. But the drum mixer is completely unnecessary. First of all, the drum mixer is usually used in a single machine. Both the aggregate and the powder need to be lifted into the mixer through the lifting hopper. On the other hand, the drum mixer has a low production capacity, small amount of aggregate and small impact on the mixer itself. And most importantly, in the drum mixer, there are no stirring shafts, stirring blades. When the concrete drum mixer is stirred, the mixing is completed by the drum rotating, and the aggregates are mixed freely, so the aggregate does not cause a large loss to the stirring components. Thus we can see that the mixing performance of compulsory concrete mixing machine is superior than the concrete drum mixer.

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