How does the concrete batch plant working?

A concrete batching plant, is a combined device used for stir cement concrete. The overall structure of concrete batch plant is installed horizontal, it is composed by raw material storage device(gravel and sand aggregate, cement, water and admixture storage device), aggregate lifting mechanism, measure mechanism, aggregate second lifting mechanism, concrete mixer, finished product hopper, control room and other auxiliary device. This is the brief impression of a concrete batch plant, while, do you know the working process of a concrete batching plant?

concrete batch plant
The raw material for processing concrete is gravel and sand aggregate, cement, water and admixture. First the gravel and sand aggregate is lifted to aggregate hopper by lifting device. The yard number of aggregate hopper is no less than 3. According to the top level design of aggregate type, the capacity of the hopper is 2-3 m3. At the same time, the cement is lifting to the cement silo ready for use. The measurement of aggregate is placed under the aggregate hopper, which is convenient for charging. The aggregate is lifting to the concrete mixer after measured. The cement out from the gate on the bottom of cement silo is lifting to the cement measurement by screw conveyor. After measured, the cement will transport into the mixer directly. The water and admixture id pumping into concrete mixer from storage tank by pumps. Then the materials are mixed uniform in the concrete mixer by control, then the concrete is processed. The finished product hopper which has small capacity is placed under the discharge port of the mixer is used for temporary storage between the concrete mixer trucks. After the concrete batching plant works, the final product is discharged into a concrete mixer truck and transport to the construction site.

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