90m3/h concrete batching plant for road construction

Concrete batching plant is a combined device used to concentrate the mixing of concrete, due to its high degree of mechanization and automation, so the mixing productivity is also very high, and can ensure the quality of concrete and save cement, so it is often used for concrete project volume, long duration, site concentration of large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, bridges and road projects. With the development of municipal construction, the use concrete batching plant for road construction has a great advantage, so it has been rapidly developed, and to promote the construction of concrete pumping, mixing, conveying, pouring machinery to create conditions for joint operations.
concrete batching plant for road construction
The 90 m3/h concrete batching plant is a common seen model of concrete batching plants for road construction, we also call it as HZS90 concrete batching plant, it adopt JS1500 forced concrete mixer, cement silos, admixture and bagged water warehouse, automatic electronic measuring system, full computer control system, equipped with the application of screening and water content test, slump, air content, infrared thermometer and other test equipment. The theory production capacity of hzs90 concrete batching plant for road construction is 90 m3/h, can satisfy the production supply requirements of the road construction project. Although the model of concrete batching plant can be higher, but considered of the project distance of the road construction is long than ordinary engineering construction project, so the installation and dissemble of the 90m3/h concrete batching plant for road construction will be more often, so in order to reduce the cost of this aspect, 90m3/h concrete batching plant is the ideal choice, which is easy to transfer and the production capacity is enough.

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