Concrete batching plant price

The concrete batching plant price of Haomei Machinery with models of HZS25-240 is cheap and we have good service and free training. Recently, many friends have consulted the price of concrete batching plant. In fact, as a customer, this is also a normal consultation. However, we must know that the price range of the concrete batching plant equipment is relatively large, and it is also possible that the price of different configurations is different by half. Therefore, we must first determine the configuration before we can talk about price issues.

concrete batching plant price
According to the different feeding methods, the concrete batching plant can be divided into two categories, and the concrete batching plant price of these two types are also different:
1, Belt feeding
That is to say, the concrete batching plant equipment using aggregate belt feeding, this configuration is relatively speaking, the material transportation is more stable, the feeding speed is faster and more uniform, but the area will also be larger and the cost will be more. The price of belt conveyor type concrete batching plant is higher, so it is mainly applicable to units with large engineering volume and requirements for concrete volume.
2, Hopper loading
That is, the concrete batching plant equipment that uses the lifting hopper to load the material. This configuration can be said to be a simple type concrete batching plant. Relatively speaking, it occupies a relatively small area and has little investment. It is about 10 cubic meters less per hour than the same type of belt feeding output.
The difference in feeding methods is only the key difference. In addition, the selection of concrete batching machines can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, such as: three warehouse, four warehouse batching machine, cumulative measurement, single measurement batching machine, The control system adopts semi-automatic or fully automatic control system, etc., all of which can be designed according to the situation. The detailed concrete batching plant price please contact our customer service staff, we will provide you with an accurate quotation according to the different configurations you need.

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