Concrete boom pump truck with low cost

Haomei supply concrete boom pump truck with high quality and low cost to expands the scope of concrete pumping construction. The concrete boom pump machine effectively solves the problem of wall pouring cloth, and plays an important role in improving construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity. It realizes the pouring of three-dimensional space within the length of the boom, without pouring dead corners, and can easily realize the wall and pipe concrete pouring of various construction operations such as columns, piles, etc.

Concrete boom pump truck
The concrete boom pump truck can be quickly and accurately delivered to any pouring part of the work surface and continuously poured, which better solves the problem of concrete transportation and greatly reduces labor intensity. Improve the progress and quality of construction. The concrete pump truck is divided into three parts: chassis, bodywork and boom. The chassis mainly provides the power source for the pump truck; the upper body is the base of the entire pump truck, which supports the entire pump truck during work; and the boom system is mainly used to support the pump pipe, and the concrete will be transported to the construction pouring site through the pump pipe.
The concrete boom pump truck is used to transport concrete. High-rise buildings or far away from the concrete mixing station are transported by pumps. The pump truck is more flexible than ground pumps, especially on the construction site. The longer the boom, the higher the conveying height, and the greater the pouring coverage and height. The chassis diesel engine provides driving force for the boom concrete pump truck during work and driving. Therefore, the characteristics of the chassis diesel engine immediately endanger the characteristics of the boom concrete pump truck.

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