Choose concrete boom pumps for sale

Choose concrete boom pumps for sale cost-effective and suitable for your construction project need to refer to some factors to ensure that. At present, there are many boom concrete pump trucks on the market, and the quality is uneven. It is not easy to buy a suitable concrete pump truck. So how to choose the right concrete pump truck with boom? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about. When choosing a concrete pump truck, the concrete pump truck is not as expensive as possible, nor as cheap as possible. The one that suits you is the best, so how to buy a suitable concrete boom pump? The factors that should generally be considered are the following:

concrete boom pumps for sale
1. Construction type
In general, the performance of concrete boom pumps for sale varies randomly. In addition to giving priority to the amount of concrete poured, the types and structures of construction buildings, construction requirements, construction site conditions and surrounding environment and other influencing factors should be considered when selecting models. Under normal circumstances, the main performance parameters of the concrete pump truck should be consistent with the construction needs or slightly larger. If the equipment capacity is too large, the equipment utilization rate is relatively low; if the capacity is too small, not only can not meet the construction requirements, but also accelerate the loss of concrete boom pump.
2. Construction business volume
Generally, the number of boom concrete pump used can be calculated according to the concrete pouring volume, the actual delivery volume of the single machine and the construction operation time. For those concrete pumping construction projects with a large amount of one-time concrete pouring, in addition to being determined according to the calculation, there should be a certain amount of spares, and 2-3 concrete pump trucks need to be equipped.
3. Product configuration
The product performance of the concrete boom pumps for sale should adhere to a high starting point when selecting the model. If a high-value coagulation boom concrete pump truck is selected, the standard requirements of its products must also be increased. The quality of the main components of the product, from intrinsic quality to appearance quality, must be compatible with the high value of the vehicle. Adhering to the selection of high-quality concrete boom pumps, we must consider many factors, such as the comprehensive strength of the supplier, the configuration of the concrete pump, the technology used, after-sales service and so on.

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