Concrete mixer machine JS500

JS500 small concrete mixer machine is a very widely used equipment in the market, it id used in building, road, bridges and other engineering constructions sites. The output of concrete mixer JS500 is not high, and the investment is small. It can be used as a stand-alone operation or in a set of concrete batching plant in rural towns. If you want to buy JS500 concrete mixer, you must first have a general understanding of the equipment. Through communication with customers, I found that the more questions are the price, the power and the weight of the concrete mixer equipment.
concrete mixer machine

The JS500 concrete mixer can produce a tank every 72 seconds. The material of a tank is 0.5 cubic meters of concrete, so it is also called 0.5 cubic meter and half cubic meter concrete mixer. The total power is 59.4 kilowatts, the mixing motor power is 18.5 kilowatts, and the theoretical weight of the concrete mixer JS500 is 4000 kg (about 4 tons), a single concrete mixer occupies a small area, if you need JS500 concrete mixer, pld800 concrete batching machine, plus cement silo, weighing system, screw, centralized control, etc. to build a set of hzs25 small concrete batching plant.
The standard configuration of JS500 compulsory concrete mixer includes feeding system, transmission system, water supply system, unloading structure, mixing device, frame and base, etc. Among them, the lifting mechanism of the feeding system, the feeding funnel, and the frame outriggers, walking tires, transmission system motors, gearboxes, couplings, mixing shafts, micro water pumps, water pipes for water supply systems, racks for unloading mechanisms, mixing shafts, blades, and shaft end seals for mixing devices is important to check to ensure that you have purchased a 500 compulsory concrete mixer machine with up to standard quality and configuration standards. If the quality is not up to standard, the concrete mixer is not recommended to buy even if the price is low.
The cost of the JS500 concrete mixer machine has a lot to do with the concrete mixer manufacturer and configuration. Generally speaking, some large concrete machinery and equipment manufacturers are mainly engaged in the production of large-scale concrete mixing equipment. For small equipment such as js500 concrete mixers, the quotations are generally higher than the average market price. Many, not very cost-effective. However, those manufacturers whose quotations are particularly low, or even lower than the average market price, are not recommended to choose, after all, the quality is the main one.

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