Best concrete mixer truck companies in China

Haomei is one of the best concrete mixer truck companies in China, we offer high quality concrete transit mixer 6-16m3 and best service. The concrete mixer truck is the main tool for concrete horizontal conveying, it can obtain the best economic benefits within the range of 10-15km around the concrete batching plant, and it is an indispensable concrete transit equipment in modern construction.

concrete mixer truck companies

The chassis of concrete mixer truck 6-16m3 uses well-known truck brands. The mixing device, the hydraulic system, the oil pump, the hydraulic motor and the reducer of concrete mixer truck are selected from well-known brands to ensure the stable and reliable performance. Because the concrete mixer truck can flexibly complete the transportation between the concrete mixing plant and the concrete pumping site. In certain occasions, the task of mixing and watering can be directly carried out to ensure the quality of the concrete in the construction site, which helps to reduce labor intensity and reduce costs.

The concrete transit mixers undertake the task of transporting ready mix concrete from the concrete mixing station to the construction site safely, reliably and efficiently. Therefore, it has the dual functions of transportation and agitation, so that concrete mixer trucks with various  volume can ensure the concrete does not segregate within a certain transportation radius, and thus it is widely used. Based on the working characteristics of concrete mixer trucks, and according to the different requirements of concrete transportation length, concrete proportioning quality and on-site construction conditions, two kinds of working modes of precast concrete agitation transportation or concrete mixing material mixing transportation can be adopted accordingly. For China concrete mixer truck companies, the agitation and transportation of ready-mixed concrete are usually used.

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