The highest speed of Concrete Mixer Truck

The maximum speed of the car is one of the three indicators of the power of the car. Concrete mixer truck manufacturers attach great importance to this indicator, the speed is listed on the technical data as an important performance indicator. While from a security point of view, the highest speed of concrete mixer truck is lower than ordinary truck, when driving a concrete mixer truck, it’s better to go accordance with the requirement of speed.

concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer truck is a type of vehicle transport vehicles, most of the transport time it need to be turned, avoid pedestrians and vehicles and other driving action, it is unlikely to driving with highest speed. More importantly, the concrete mixer truck is converted from the chassis truck, the vehicle center of gravity has significantly higher than the truck before converted. At the same time in the transport, the mixing cylinder drives the concrete to flip, so that the center of gravity is shifted in the direction of rotation, so that its center of gravity deviates from the vertical plane of the axis, so that it affects the stability of the vehicle and is prone to rollover during turning, especially at high speeds with high rollover accident rate. Emergency brake is the main reason for the rollover of the concrete mixer truck.

Based on the above understanding, the concrete mixer truck has high center of gravity, traffic conditions are complex, as the urban transport vehicles, in its use should be highly concerned about the driving stability to prevent rollover. So the buyers should not highlight the maximum speed, it may be caused the rollover accident risks. What’s more, the limit speed of the chassis truck, can not be the highest speed of the concrete mixer truck. Read the instructions carefully, the actual driving should comply with the requirement: "during agitation driving, the highest speed should not be higher than 50km / h".

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