The transport rules of concrete mixer trucks for sale

The development of the building and concrete production can not be separated from the concrete mixer trucks for sale, so the development of concrete mixer truck will get better and better. With the continuous development of infrastructure construction in construction industry, the construction materials have also been continuously developed. Concrete mixer truck has become an indispensable part of many industries especially on the construction site and has played a significant role. It can also can be applied to many other constructions. Here we will talk about the transport rules of concrete mixer truck.
concrete mixer trucks for sale
1) Before charging, we must clean the water in the mixing drum completely. Before leaving the factory, we can use water with certain pressure to flush the hopper and the dunnage. However, the amount of water should be controlled. During transportation and unloading, adding water is not allowed without need.
2) Control transport time. In order to ensure the quality of commercial concrete, the transport time between concrete mixer truck to pure into the mannequin is not allowed to exceed the initial setting time, the initial setting time of the concrete varies with the types of cement, admixture, slump size and temperature, etc., and the general transport time should be controlled within 2h, the period from loading to unloading generally shall not exceed 4h.
3) Clean the mixer drum of the concrete mixer truck in time, the time should be controlled when the truck returns from the construction site, generally not more than 4h. Avoided the concrete stick the wall because too long time and affecting the loading quantity and quality.
4) heavy truck shall not stop the simplified, so as to avoid segregation and stratification of concrete in the transport process.

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