How to Choose Concrete Mixers for Project

Concrete mixers are the main composition of concrete batching plant, no matter what kind of the concrete is, there is a common requirement, that is mix the aggregate, cement, water and other additive uniform to be mixture which meet the demand for project, this is the main effect of a concrete mixer. To produce different concrete, we need different type of concrete mixers. When choosing concrete mixers for sale, we can offer some tips for you to help you find a suitable type.

concrete mixers

From the aspect of project scale and period, if the project need large quantity of concrete and the construction period is long, it is better to choose medium and large size stationary concrete mixers or concrete batching plant. If the concrete project quantity is small and the project period is short, it is more suitable to choose middle and small size mobile concrete mixers. From the other aspects, such as the type of concrete, the maximum aggregate size, the transport method of concrete, we can always choose a suitable concrete mixer which has small consumption, short mixing time, short discharging period and uniform string according to the consumption and safety. We Haomei Machinery supply JS series twin shaft concrete mixers with different mix capacity to meet the demands of all types of projects. JS series concrete mixers have excellent mixing performance, wear-resist lining board, advanced sealing technology, multiple protection devices, and easy to operate, low noise and energy saving. Come to enquiry for the concrete mixer suitable for you, we will reply you soon.

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