How much does concrete mixing plant cost

The concrete mixing plant are well-known as has good income, but everyone will ask how much does concrete mixing plant cost before investing. In fact, how much does it cost to build a concrete batching plant needs to be counted many many factors. According to the experience of Haomei for many years, the cost to build a concrete mixing plant is mainly composed with equipment selection costs and equipment costs.

concrete mixing plant cost

With years of experience as professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, we know that a set of concrete batching plant with excellent performance is crucial for a company. Therefore, at the beginning of the concrete batching plant construction, we suggest you to do enough preparation work, such as know the detailed configuration of the concrete mixing plant, know the actual requirement of your own project, and inspect a number of batching plant manufacturers from various aspects such as equipment performance, manufacturer visibility and after-sales service. After repeated comparison and screening, you can find the best concrete mixing plant manufacturer and equipment, then the cost of concrete mixing plant is decided.

The another aspect of concrete mixing plant cost is about the later cost:
1, raw material costs: the cost of all materials such as cement, sand, sand, crushed stone, fly ash, mineral powder, admixture, etc.;
2, freight: mainly for the fuel consumption of various vehicles, mainly including the cost of concrete mixer trucks, concrete pump trucks and loading vehicles.
3, consumables costs: for example, pump tube, S valve, etc., mixer car oil, oil filter, air filtration, tire consumption, concrete mixer liner, concrete mixing arm, engine oil, etc. ;
4, equipment depreciation and testing costs: mainly the annual inspection cost of the cocnrete mixing plant, the weighbridge and the test equipment;
5, other expenses: including office consumables, network expenses, GPS expenses and employee salaries.

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