Professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer

Haomei has over 20 years experience as professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, the models of concrete plants are HZS25-240. The automatic concrete production line equipment is called the concrete mixing plant, which can automatically produce concrete and meet the production standard, it requires precise weighing and strict mixing.

concrete mixing plant manufacturer

Generally speaking, the structure of the concrete mixing plant is similar. According to the concrete production process, it can be divided into the following parts:
First, the conveying part of the concrete raw material. In order to meet the concrete production standard, it meets the requirements of the concrete production labeling, and is required for various construction projects. Concrete has different matching requirements, such as C25, C30 and so on. Different grades of concrete have certain requirements on the amount of sand and stone and cement.
The concrete batching plant first needs to measure the agitated material. For the measurement of sand and gravel, a batching system is used, and various sand and gravel materials are weighed by a batching machine. The batching machine is usually equipped with 3 or 4 bucket batching machines according to the type of aggregates required to be used. The aggregates of different particle sizes are stored in different batching buckets, and the aggregates are weighed according to the ratio, so as to ensure the sand, The proportion of concrete used such as stone is accurate. The good aggregate is conveyed to the mixing machine through the belt feeder, or the material is lifted to the mixer by the lifting hopper.
The production and operation of the whole equipment also requires a large amount of cement storage and metering. A cement silo is built next to the concrete mixer. According to the cement use label and the amount of fly ash or mineral powder, three to four cement silos can be used, and the screw conveyor will be used. Raw materials such as cement and mineral powder are transported to the mixing machine. These materials are weighed by various meters placed on a mixing machine. The mixing water including the mixing station is also accurately metered and delivered to the mixer. All materials are uniformly stirred in the mixer to form finished concrete. Complete automated weighing and measurement of concrete and conveying and other production. All of these equipments are operated under the control of an automated computer. Through the industrial computer, the operators can set up various ratios of raw materials to monitor and control the production process.

In general, the concrete mixing plant consists of a batch system, a conveyor system, a storage system and a control system. The concrete mixing plant manufacturer adopt computer to control the entire equipment to the equipment production process and material standards, and then realize automated production of concrete.

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