Concrete Mobile Batching Plant For Sale

The features of YHZS concrete mobile batching plant for sale are fully equipped with highly automated, convenient transfer and transportation. With the mixing capacity of 25-75m3/h, the YHZS series mobile concrete batching plant is suitable for engineering projects with short construction period and long construction line.

concrete mobile batching plant for sale

The lining plate and blade material of the mobile concrete batching plant are all wear-resistant cast iron. The angle design is reasonable, the mixing effect is good, the mixing speed is fast, and the service life is long. The squeegee, mixing blades and shaft are all fluid designs. Good mixing quality can be achieved for various proportions of concrete. As a movable equipment, the mobile concrete batching plant for sale has low requirements on the site, saving a lot of civil construction costs. The installation of the mobile batching plant can be adapted to local conditions, it can be used in temporary construction without any foundation. It can be put into production quickly by simply flattening the site. The operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and high civil construction costs are not required.

The initial work of the concrete mobile batching plant for sale is very small, the installation is convenient and fast. The concrete required for the construction process can be self-sufficient, saving a lot of time and money. After the completion of the construction project, the disassembly is quick and simple, saving a large conversion cost.

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