Concrete mobile batching plant YHZS series

The concrete mobile batching plant YHZS series can meet the configuration requirements necessary for a wide range of high performance concrete. User-friendly operating software and program settings make YHZS series mobile batching plants suitable for a variety of production processes. The concrete is produced by mobile concrete batching plant nearby the construction site, and it is not necessary to transport it remotely, avoiding the hydration reaction during transportation and ensuring the construction quality.
concrete mobile batching plant
The mixing capacity of mobile concrete batching plant is 25 -75 cubic meters per hour, and the concrete mixers are JS500 - JS1500. With the choose-able model and productivity, the YHZS mobile concrete batching plant can meet the demand of projects with tight construction schedules or need frequent transfer. Under the premise of ensuring its mobile performance, the concrete mobile batching plant can also improve its configuration ability, such as the selection of the structure of the batching machine, the single and double admixture scales, the flexible matching of single and double pipes, etc., avoiding the solidified structure and single configuration of traditional equipment.

Between the modules of the concrete mobile batching plant, it is convenient to install the components and also put forward higher requirements for the protection of the electric circuit. It can adapt to the harsh working conditions such as dust and rain under outdoor conditions, so that the equipment can serve the customer more effectively. The mobile concrete batching plant has compact structure, convenient relocation and transition, high dust removal efficiency, green and environmental protection.

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