The Usual Classifications of Concrete Pumps

The concrete pumps are the essentials in construction site which need concrete, and many friends who are interested in concrete pump may notice that there are two types of pumps in the market, that is the "sky concrete pump" and the “ground concrete pump”, but when we see these names, we may have no idea about these two types, what they really are? What are the difference do they have? In fact, as long as we know what equipment they are, we can also know about the differences. What we usually called the "sky concrete pump" is actually concrete boom pump, it has many other names, such as concrete pump truck, boom pump truck, concrete truck pump. And in fact, the ground pump refers to the trailer concrete pump, which also named as concrete trailer concrete pump. Therefore, the differences between them are easily to find out.

concrete pump  truck

1, the concrete pump truck
The main reason of named as "sky pump" is this kind of concrete pump can transport concrete to a certain height, which can make up for the shortage of other concrete pumps. Compared with other concrete pumps, the concrete pump truck has its own boom, which can deliver concrete without the need of artificial tubing, it is very convenient to use. Now the longest pump boom is up to 101 meters long in China, which means that the floor under 101 meters can complete the concrete delivery with the aid of the boom pump. In addition, the concrete pump truck is equipped with vehicle chassis, therefore, compared with the trailer concrete pump, it can move independently and quite convenient, and it can move rapidly from one construction site to another.

trailer concrete pump

2, the trailer concrete pump
The "ground pump" is used very frequent in the construction of many large basement, but it has no boom arms, so it needs to be taken tubes manually. In addition to the site, for those buildings which the concrete boom pup can not reach, such as 200 meters or higher, we can use trailer concrete pump to transport concrete, but the premise is the trailer concrete pump have enough power to pump concrete to the required height, while taking tube length can reach the floor height.

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