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We Haomei Machinery is a professional concrete pump supplier based in China with rich experience and good reputation. In the construction of concrete pump, the piping should be arranged reasonably, use elbows and tapered pipes as little as possible, and arrange hoses in the middle of the piping. The joints of the pipe sections should be tight to prevent the leakage of cement from reducing the amount of cement. The pipes should be firmly fixed to nearby buildings to prevent the pipe joints from loosening due to vibration.

concrete pump supplier
The pumping of concrete shall be operated continuously. When it must be suspended, the downtime shall be controlled within 10 minutes, and the maximum shall not exceed 30 minutes. During the pause, pumping should be reversed every 2 minutes. If the time is longer, the pipe should be emptied to prevent the concrete from consolidating. Before the concrete pump is pumped, a proper amount of water should be used to wet the parts of the pump's hopper, pipeline, etc. that are in contact with the concrete, and then the mortar is sent first, and then the concrete is sent to prevent blockage.
In the hot summer, wet grass bags should be used to cover the pipes to prevent the concrete from collapsing and causing pipe blockage. Choose qualified raw materials and mix ratio. Strictly design the mix ratio according to the pumping concrete regulations, the selected aggregate particle size must meet the requirements, and strictly control the slump. In order to prevent pipe blockage, a special person should be set up on the feeding hopper to pick up big rocks and debris in time. The selected aggregate size should meet the requirements, and generally should not be greater than 1/4 of the diameter of the conveying pipe.
The concrete pump supplier remind you that the automatic conversion function of high and low pressure pumping can reduce pipe blockage. If the pipe blockage occurs in the low pressure pumping state, it can instantly generate a strong thrust after turning to the high pressure pumping state to prevent the further development of the pipe blockage.

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