How much does concrete pump truck cost

The concrete pump truck cost of Haomei Machinery is lower than other manufacturer because we offer factory price to customers. The productivity of boom concrete pump truck is generally 90-150m3/h with high working efficiency, high degree of automation. The whole concrete pump truck can be operated by one person from pumping to cloth, and equipped with a wireless remote control system, which is easy to operate. The concrete boom pump truck has good maneuverability and can be quickly transferred to another place to continue operation after the operation is completed in one place. HighHigh equipment utilization makes the pump truck can be responsible for concrete pumping in several places at the same time.

concrete pump truck cost
At present, there are many suppliers of concrete pump trucks. When choosing a concrete pump truck, the more expensive the concrete pump truck is not the better, nor the cheaper the better. The one that suits you is better.
1, The concrete pump truck produced by our company is currently conceived and economically efficient boom pump truck for the construction. It uses mechanized work to replace labor and fill the vacancy of concrete transportation in the rural, urban and town construction has the advantages of sensitivity, convenience, high efficiency, low consumption, economy and intelligence.
2, In line with emission regulations, households can be registered normally throughout the country, energy saving and environmental protection.
3, The concrete boom pump truck uses a full hydraulic control hydraulic system, and the oil pressure transmits signals, making the operation simpler and more reliable, improving the reversing speed of the swing cylinder, reducing the reversing impact, and the momentary action of the large oil cylinder reversing is accelerated, which can make the concrete The tank is full, which strengthens the continuity of the material and makes the discharge uniform.
4, The pumping straight height is 25 to 58 meters, and users can customize it according to their own practical work needs.

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