How to debug the concrete trailer pumps for sale

Trailer concrete pump is a high degree integration mechanical and electrical products, through many years of experience and customer feedback analysis, Haomei Machinery summarize the common problem of concrete trailer pumps for sale during operation. In order to ensure the pumping efficiency, we give customers guidelines on the operation, maintenance and debugging. Today, we are going to talk about the of the problems of delivery cylinder not working or working weak. Here we will tell you some methods to solve this kind of problem.

concrete trailer pumps for sale

1. Check whether the hydraulic oil level is normal, is the oil quantity is low, add to the provisions location soon. Then restart the motor to observe whether the vacuum gauge readings within the normal range to determine if we need to replace the filter.
2. In the shutdown state, turn on the main power, press the pump button, check whether the pumping solenoid valve is action, or use multimeter to measure the on-off situation of relevant solenoid valves, if it is not normal, we should determine the problem is line fault, solenoid coil damaged or stuck, if it is normal, we should check the action of hydraulic reversing valve.
3. If the main cylinder of trailer concrete pump does not work normal in the reversing position, it is possible that there is a problem with the travel switch.
4. Check the pressure of the main pump system (during pumping operation), if not up to the specified value, we should check the relief valve and the main pump. For closed systems, under normal circumstances, when the motor starts, the pressure should display about 2.5MPa, if the pressure is not enough, then adjust the charge pump safety valve and check the wear of charge pump .
5. The hydraulic oil temperature is too high, resulting in increased leakage, hydraulic pressure drops, thus the work is weak. In this condition, we should overhaul cooling system to ensure good cooling effect.

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