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The containerized concrete batch plant is a newly-introduced batching plant equipment of Haomei Machinery. It is also composed of mixing system, control system, material storage system, weighing system and conveying system as ordinary concrete batching plant. The main components are distributed among several containers, and the normal concrete mixing work can be started by directly arranging several containers together. Excellent environmental performance, easy transportation and simple installation, make the containerized concrete batch plants suitable for concrete mixing supply of various types of hydropower, highways, ports, airports, bridges and other construction projects, as well as construction of commercial concrete mixing stations.

 containerized concrete batch plant

The whole set of containerized concrete batching plant looks like several containers placed together. Compared with the traditional concrete batch plant, there is no need to set up legs and mounting brackets, eliminating the need for basic design and construction. As long as the hardness and flatness of the ground meets the requirements, basic production can be avoided. It also has the following advantages:
1. Easy to install and move quickly
The modular structure of the container design, all the components, pipelines and electrical circuits of the equipment have been installed and installed in their respective containers. The fixing between the cabinets adopts standard container positioning pins and a fastening long screw, so whether it is installation or transportation, only need to move the container, which is very convenient and fast.
2. Free basic design, small footprint
When the containerized concrete batch plant is installed, it is not necessary to prepare the cement concrete foundation. It only needs to be prepared according to the foundation requirements. After the foundation steel plate is laid, it can be installed, especially in the field, which will greatly save manpower and time. Item cost. At the same time, the whole station structure is more compact, which can save a lot of floor space.
3. Green environmental protection
Since the main components of the equipment are wrapped in a closed container, dust pollution can be effectively reduced during the mixing process, and it also has a significant effect on reducing noise pollution.
4. Adapt to harsh environmental conditions
For the harsh rain and snow, wind and sand weather, the container casing can protect various core components and reduce the failure rate.

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