How much is the cost of concrete batching plant

The cost of concrete batching plant is critical related to the configuration. A standard concrete batching plant includes the following equipment: twin shaft forced JS concrete mixer, main structure and external closure, PLD concrete batching machine, aggregate belt conveyor or skip hopper feeding system and waiting silo, water metering System, additive metering system, fly ash metering system, cement weighing system, screw conveyor, cement silos, gas control system, electronic control system, control room.
cost of concrete batching plant
Although the standard concrete batching plant contains all the above equipment, in general, the customer will choose the customized configuration according to the actual situation, and this is the main reason why the concrete batching plant has different price with the same model. The cement silo has multiple models, such as 100T, 150T, 200T, etc. The price is also determined according to the size of the model. The most important device in the concrete batching plant is the concrete mixer. The model of the concrete mixer is followed by the model of the batching plant, but the customer can specify the brand, for example the JS concrete mixer or sicoma concrete mixer.

There is a great relationship between the cost of concrete batching plant and configuration, so when you ask for an inquiry, you usually get a price range. Only when the configuration list is determined can you get the exact price. If you want to know how much the concrete batching plant is, you can write to us by email, we will provide you with a configuration list and quotation in a short time.

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