The invest cost of ready mix concrete plant

In recent years, with the rapid development of basic hardware construction, there are more and more places that have demands for ready mix concrete. Therefore, many people think that invest on ready mix concrete plant is a good project, so how much is the invest cost of ready mix concrete plant?
cost of ready mix concrete plant
In order to know the cost of a ready mix concrete plant, we need to know how many models of the RMC plant and the initial investment costs.
First, the ready mix concrete plant model
The model of the hzs series ready mix concrete plant currently are divided into: HZS25, hzs35, HZS50, hzs60, hzs75, hzs90, hzs120, hzs180, hzs240. The specific price can be calculated according to the model and configuration selected by the customer, because each customer has different configuration requirements for the device. For example: to batching plant hzs25, some customers can use only a concrete mixer and concrete batching plant to work together. The large batching plant like hzs240 basically needs standard configuration, and each component is indispensable. Basically, this price of ready mix concrete plant range from tens of thousands to millions.
Second, the initial input cost
Because the customer chooses different models, the floor space is different, and the ready mix concrete plant production needs to have enough space, which means that a separate production space is needed as the site, then the factory needs to be built. This is also considered in the pre investment cost of ready mix concrete plant. The later operation cost of the concrete mixing plant includes raw material costs, labor costs, transportation costs, etc.

In summary, the specific invest cost of ready mix concrete plant is related to many factors, and it is related to the actual situation of the customer. As a professional ready mix concrete plant manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience, Haomei will provide you with accurate prices according to your needs.

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