How much does it cost to build a concrete batching plant?

The cost to build a concrete batching plant including the concrete batching plant price, the land area rent cost, the raw material cost and the staff cost. Among so many items of the concrete batching plant cost, the cost to buy concrete batching plant accounted for the highest, so it is the first expend we should consider before building a concrete batching plant. As we all know, the concrete batching plant price is different with the model, so let us take the medium concrete batching plant HZS60 as example, let us see the configuration standards, parameters and the floor space.
cost to build a concrete batching plant
HZS60 concrete batching plant can also be called as 1 cubic meter concrete batching plant, it belongs to one of the small and medium concrete batching plants, using JS1000 forced concrete mixer, PLD1600 concrete batching machine, 9m screw conveyor, water, cement, fly ash, additives weighing, three 100T cement silos, centralized control, control room, gas control system and so on. The HZS60 concrete batching plant price is about 60,000 to 100,000 dollars ad the one hour production volume is about 60 cubic meters.
The parameters of the hzs60 concrete batching plant are as follows:
Theoretical productivity (m3/h) : 60
Standard discharge height (m): 3.8
Working cycle time (s): 60
Dimensions (mm) (length X width X height): 36500x111300x20400
Total installed capacity (kw): 105
Mixer part Model: JS1000
Batching machine part Model: PLD1600
Air compressor model: 1.5-7
Rated displacement (m3/min): 1.67
Rated exhaust pressure (MPa:) 0.8
Motor power (KW): 7.5
Gravel measurement accuracy range (kg) accuracy: +_2%
Cement measurement accuracy range (kg) accuracy: +_1%
Water metering accuracy range (kg) accuracy: +_1%
Additive metering accuracy range (kg) accuracy: +_2%

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