Hot sale double shaft concrete mixer

The double shaft concrete mixer 0.5m3 - 4m3 is mainly used for the mixing of various powder materials, and can be used as a single machine alone or as a host for a concrete batching plant. The twin-shaft concrete mixer can be applied to cement products factories of various scales, highway construction, water conservancy bridges, civil construction projects, and so on.
double shaft concrete mixer
The twin shaft concrete mixers are available in two versions on the mixing unit: blade and ribbon. The advantage of the blade type twin-shaft concrete mixer is that all the mixing blades of the concrete mixer have a spiral distribution, and there is no direct relationship between the blades. With the ribbon type stirring device, after a period of use, the replacement of the wearing parts needs to be replaced as a whole, which will result in a certain cost increase.

The working mode of the double shaft concrete mixer is simply that the stirring spindle rotates the stirring blade to stir the mixture. The stirring power is strong and the working efficiency is also high, but the disadvantage is the shaft end sealing problem. Therefore, the twin-shaft concrete mixer manufacturer constantly improve the use of the shaft end seal during production.

The Haomei double shaft concrete mixer simplifies the structural design and effectively reduces the failure rate of the concrete mixer. Introducing of high-precision production equipment and carries out strict quality inspection on the equipment can ensure the quality stability of the twin-shaft concrete mixer.

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