The performance features of dry mix concrete batching plant

The dry mix concrete batching plant stand for the batching plant which has the final product of dry-mix mortar, it is solid mixture of dry materials. While the wet mix concrete batching plant has the final product of wet-mixed mortar, a mixture of all components including water.
dry mix concrete batching plant
There are some same point of wet mixed mortar and dry mixed mortar
1, Both are produced and supplied by professional concrete batching plants.
2, there are professional and technical personnel to carry out the mortar mix design, formula development and mortar quality control, which fundamentally guarantees the quality of the mortar.
There are also some difference between the dry mix concrete plant and wet mix concrete batching plant.
Significant disadvantages of wet mix mortar:
1. The quality is affected by transportation factors and condensation time. If the condensation time is too long, it will affect the subsequent construction. If the condensation time is too short, the mortar will be scrapped.
2. Not suitable for small batch use.
3. The mortar transported to the site must be used within the specified time.
Significant advantages of dry mortar:
1. Solved the environmental problems of dust on the construction site.
2. The dry mortar can be transported to the construction site for a long time, and it needs to be mixed with water when it is needed.
3. It can be used with the mix and is more flexible and convenient for small batch use.

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