The difference between dry mix concrete plant and wet mix concrete plant

From the so called name, we can find out that the biggest difference between dry mix concrete plant and wet mix concrete plant is about whether add the water. For the detailed difference, we have to know the final product, that is the wet mixed concrete and dry mixed concrete.
dry mix concrete plant
1, The difference about state and storage time
Wet mixed concrete is a wet mixture of all components including water. It can be used directly at the construction site, but it needs to be used before condensed. The longest storage time is less than 24h. Dry mixed concrete is a dry mixture in which the dry materials are uniformly mixed and supplied in bulk or in a bag form. The dry mixture can only be used after the water or the supporting liquid is added and evenly mixed on the construction site. Dry mortars have a long shelf life, usually 3 months or 6 months.
2, Different production equipment
At present, most of the wet mixed concrete is produced by a wet mix concrete batching plant, while the dry mixed concrete is produced by a special dry mix concrete batching plant.
3, different varieties
Since wet mixed mortar is produced in the form of wet mixing, it is not suitable for the production of mortar with high viscosity. Therefore, there are few varieties of mortar. At present, there are only mortars such as masonry, plastering and floor. While dry mix concrete plant produces dry materials. It is not limited by the production method, so there are many varieties of mortar, but the variety of raw materials is much more than that of wet mixed mortar, and it is more complicated.
4, sand treatment is different
The sand for wet mixed mortar does not need to be dried, and the sand for dry mixed mortar needs to be dried. Therefore, the grading of sand mixed with mortar is more accurate and more scientific, which determines the quality of dry mortar after construction is better.
5, different transportation equipment
Wet mixed mortar should be transported by concrete mixer truck to ensure that the mortar does not produce delamination and segregation during transportation, after the wet mixed mortar is transported to the construction site, it must be used within 24 hours, and it will be wasted within 24 hours! The bagged dry-mixed mortar is transported by car, the bulk dry-mixed mortar is transported by concrete transit mixer, and the dry-mixed mortar tank can be placed directly in the company.

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