Advantages of dry type concrete batching plant

Due to the storage limited of wet type concrete, the dry type concrete batching plant become a new choice in the concrete mixing industry. Dry type concrete plant is also called as dry mix concrete plant, which do not use water in the concrete mixing but in the construction site. This type of dry mix concrete batching plant has the unparalleled advantage than wet mix concrete batching plant.
dry type concrete batching plant
To Wet mixed concrete, the storage time is short, the longest time is no more than 24h, it needs to be used within the specified time, otherwise it will condense and become hard and cannot be used, so it requires a lot of manual construction at the same time. At the same time, due to the construction variable, there are many construction variables. The construction of wet mix concrete is difficult and the quality of the project is difficult to control compared with dry mix concrete batching plant. At present, the opening time of wet mixed mortar is designed to be 24 hours, wet mixed mortar requires construction to be used quickly.

To dry mix concrete, the product storage time is long, it can be stored in the storage for 6 months, with the use of mixing, flexible use and no waste, convenient for construction and use in various production environments, to avoid safety accidents during construction. Because of in the dry-mixed concrete raw materials, the dry sand is screened. According to the different mortars required for construction, the fineness modulus and gradation can be adjusted, and the sand of wet mixed concrete cannot guarantee a reasonable grading. Therefore, the construction performance of dry type concrete batching plant is better than that of wet mix concrete batching plant.

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