Advantages of fully automatic concrete batching plant

In recent years, the application of automatic concrete batching plants has become more and more widespread. The fully automatic concrete batching plant stands for the highest level of the control system, which requires advanced technology and have unparalleled advantages. What are the reasons for the automatic concrete mixing plants to be favored by buyers? What are the advantages of fully automatic concrete batching plant?

fully automatic concrete batching plant

Fully automatic operation means that the equipment has a professional control system to complete daily operation, and the fully automatic concrete batching plant is controlled by the whole computer system. The operation platform and computer monitoring can visually reflect the whole production process and the situation of each part, such as the cement storage condition in the cement silo, the aggregate storage in the aggregate silo, the transportation of the aggregate and the concrete discharge, etc., once a problem occurs in a certain part, it can be found and solved in a short time. All the concrete batching plant are controlled by industrial computer, the dynamic panel displays the operation of each part of the batching plant. At the same time, it can store various data of the concrete batch plant, print various report materials according to requirements.

The fully automatic batching plant generally has two advantages - simple in operation and accurate in measurement. Of course, semi automatic concrete batching plants are also available, The price of fully automatic is higher than semi-automatic type, and for mini concrete batching plants, it is not only fully automatic batching plants are professional, the semi-automatic concrete batching plants are also has high productivity, so we’d better to choose control type according to our actual situation.

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