Hzs25 concrete batching plant application

The mini concrete batching plant has become hot selling equipment in recent years. The common mini concrete batching plant models are HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50. During the small concrete batching plants model, hzs25 concrete batching plant has the lowest cost and have won many favor of our customers.

hzs25 concrete batching plant

Hzs25 concrete batching plant is a simple and small concrete batching plant with automatic feeding function. It is a semi-automatic equipment consisting of JS500 forced concrete mixer, feeding, PLD series batching machine, electrical control and steel structure. This simple concrete batching plant has the production capacity of 25m3/h. The structure is simple, easy removal, and the construction is convenient. It has the advantages of uniform mixing of concrete, short stirring time, long life of damaged parts, and easy operation and maintenance. Adapted to small-scale construction sites, prefabricated plants, small commodity concrete production plants and highway maintenance.

First of all, the hzs25 concrete batching plant has low investment budget and the price will not be too high, which is very suitable for customers with limited budget. In addition, if the market competition is large, the cost of running a small concrete batching plant is lower. Although the hzs25 concrete batching plant use hopper elevators as the aggregate feeding equipment, its operating cost is low, the lifting efficiency of the belt conveyor will not be higher than this kind and the overall economy is better.
Secondly, small concrete batching plants are suitable for the rural market. In the rural market, large-scale concrete batching plants often require a lot of production space. Small concrete batching plants have small space and fast discharge, and they are also very suitable for these markets. In these market, there is no need to build large concrete batching plant. With the balance of funds, setting up more small-scale concrete batching plants in multiple locations can effectively increase the coverage of their own companies and achieve higher market share.

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