Setting up a large concrete batching plant

The large concrete batching plant is usually used as ready mix concrete plant, whose main purpose is to sell concrete materials. So when purchasing large model concrete batching plant equipment, it pays more attention to equipment configuration and production efficiency. The higher the configuration, the more stable it can meet the needs of different customers. The higher the production efficiency, the higher the production capacity of the ready mix concrete plant. The large-scale HZS180 concrete mixing plant equipment is a welcomed model, and the theoretical output of concrete per hour is 180 cubic meters, which is in line with the construction needs of ready mix concrete production.

large concrete batching plant

The HZS180 large concrete batching plant is composed of control system, conveying system, batching system, mixing system and other parts. The batching part of the equipment uses the PLD4800 four-bin concrete batching machine, which can be equipped with a variety of different aggregates at the same time to meet the production needs of different customers. Its batching accuracy is ±2%, which provides for the production quality of concrete materials. A reliable guarantee. The mixing part is equipped with a JS3000 forced concrete mixer, which can produce 3 cubic meters of concrete per production cycle, and each cycle time is 60s, with high production efficiency and good mixing effect. The control system adopts an automated and intelligent control system, which is simple and convenient to operate, and requires less personnel. The operation of each part of the equipment can be fed back to the system in real time, which is convenient for monitoring and adjustment. The number of cement silos in a concrete batching plant is actually not fixed. It is purchased according to its own construction needs. For example, engineering concrete batching plants generally use 1-3, while ready mix concrete plants are facing a wide range of customers, the number of customers is large, and the types of needs are large, so more cement silos will be used.
The HZS180 large concrete batching plant was packaged during construction. Not only did it have a fully enclosed stockyard, but also packaged the ingredients and mixing parts, which effectively reduced dust and noise pollution and made the equipment appearance It looks neat and beautiful, which is in line with the current environmental protection needs.

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