How to reduce the wear of small concrete mixer

During the use of small concrete mixer, the wear is unavoidable. Wear will affect the production efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, the most important point in the production process is to reduce

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Notices of batching plant site movement

With the continuous development of urbanization, many batching plants can be seen both in the countryside and in the city, these are essential equipment in construction site. After the project is compl

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Mobile concrete mixer truck working conditions

Mobile concrete mixer truck is the vehicle to transport and mixing the produced concrete....

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HZS75 concrete batching plant installed in the Philippines

On 14th, March 2018, a set of HZS75 concrete batching plant was installed in the Philippines, our engineer have design a unique plant for the installation....

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Qualified SICOMA concrete mixer for sale

Sicoma concrete mixer is one of the top concrete mixer suppliers in China and also the in the world. The most common seen model is Sicoma MAO series, such as MAO1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500

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Mobile batching plant installation preparation advice

Mobile concrete batching plant is more convenient than stationary concrete batching plant on transport and installation. Due to the mobile batching plant collect many device into one unit and can be ti

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Haomei small concrete batch plant for sale

Haomei Machinery have a lot of words to say, for we have been engaged on the construction equipment for more than 25 years, we sell small concrete batch plant for sale well....

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The Usual Classifications of Concrete Pumps

The concrete pumps are the essentials in construction site which need concrete, and many friends who are interested in concrete pump may notice that there are two types of pumps in the market, that is

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The charging mode of mobile concrete plant

If you have check the mobile concrete batching plant carefully, you may find that most of the mobile concrete plant use the skip hopper for charging aggregate than screw or belt conveyor....

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Precautions of purchase concrete pump truck for sale

As an equipment of modern construction method, the concrete pump truck for sale has the features of large conveying capacity and fast conveying speed, which plays an irreplaceable role in accelerating

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How to debug the concrete trailer pumps for sale

Trailer concrete pump is a high degree integration mechanical and electrical products, through many years of experience and customer feedback analysis, Haomei Machinery summarize the common problem of

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Outstanding features of mobile concrete batch plant

After the development and technical improvements, the performance of mobile concrete batch plant has become mature. Mobile concrete batching plant has the advantages of flexibility and easy to transfer

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Successful exhibition in the Philconstruct 2018

Last week, after visit the customers in the Philippines for 10 days, our sales manager came back from the Philconstruct 2018 in manila....

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How to choose concrete batching plant for sale

Concrete mixing plant is the most expensive equipment of a concrete construction project, no matter to commercial concrete plant or just for project, choose a set of cost-effective concrete batching pl

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Small concrete mixer trucks become the new market favor

In recently years, we find that small concrete mixer truck is welcomed by customers, small concrete mixer trucks mainly stands for the mixing capacity under 8m3, let’s talk about the reasons why smal

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How to choose concrete mixers for project

Concrete mixers are the main composition of concrete batching plant, no matter what kind of the concrete is, there is a common requirement, that is mix the aggregate, cement, water and other additive u

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