How to use the mini concrete mixer correctly

The mini concrete mixer is the most common concrete mixing equipment now used in construction projects. No matter used independently or in a concrete batching plant, the mini concrete mixer need to be worked efficient and safe. Start and charging of concrete mixers are the two important aspects while using concrete mixer in production of concrete.

mini concrete mixer

The concrete mixer must be started with no load and charging during operation, otherwise it will damage due to excessive starting torque. When the concrete mixer stirs the concrete, the charging material must be calculated according to the specified ratio of ingredients and the ratio of water to cement. The humidity of the coarse aggregate should be determined in advance, and the theoretical ratio should be converted into the construction ratio, Then, the mass of each component material to be added is calculated according to the construction ratio and the discharge capacity. The calculated value of the feed should be tested and strictly enforced once it is determined. The size of the largest aggregate should meet the specified requirements. The twin shaft forced concrete mixers have stricter requirements on the maximum aggregate particle size, otherwise it will cause jamming. If the humidity changes of added material changes due to rain and snowfall, it should be re-determined, and the amount of feed must be recalculated. Important ratios should be checked every 4 hours. When adding the material to the mini concrete mixers, the traditional methods are:
(1) First sand, then add stone and cement in sequence, and add water in time;
(2) Add some water and sand first, then load stones, cement and the remaining water.

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