Technology Advantages of Mini Concrete Pump:

1, Increase the effective height;
2, To expand the scope of effective cloth;
3, The open space smaller and stronger adaptability than 5 arms concrete pump for sale,
4, The arm frame is more flexible and more convenient cloth.

The Chassis of Mini Concrete Pump:

1. Imported Cummins engine, a strong driving force, stable performance, achieve four emission.
2. Driving modes using 8 * 4, good stability.
3. Import steering, flexible and reliable steering.
4. The transfer case of concrete pump in Nigeria Imported transfer case by Germany.

Hydraulic Components of Mini Concrete Pump:

1. The hydraulic pump adopted in the German Rexroth products
2. Valve and hydraulic joint, hose and other parts are made of imported products.

The Circuit Element of Mini Concrete Pump:

1 Selection Siemens PLC controller and other imported elements.
2 Remote control using HBC product.

mini concrete pump

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