How much does it cost to build a mini mix concrete plant for sale?

Now the construction is inseparable from the addition of concrete, the number of small concrete mixing plants is relatively large. Generally, mini mix concrete plant for sale is a concrete mixing station with a production capacity below 2 cubic meters per hour and the models are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 and HZS60, belonging to the engineering needs.
mini mix concrete plant for sale
The production of the mini mix concrete plant is not high, but this equipment is suitable in many occasions, such as simple batching plant in rural areas, the demand is not large, but as an investment is a very profitable business. So how much does it cost to build a mini concrete mixing plant? The amount of money needed to invest in a small concrete mixing plant varies from based on factors such as equipment prices, plant rents, and scale. In general, the initial investment in building a mini concrete plant includes:
1, concrete mix plant equipment production line, the cost of mini concrete plant equipment depends on the model.
2, raw materials, this cost varies from thousands to tens of thousands dollars.

There is also the problem of the location of the concrete mix plant.
First, it is convenient to use water, convenient to use water can effectively save the production time of concrete mixing station, we need also pay attention to avoid pollution and waste.
The second is to make electricity easy, because whether it is a concrete mixer or a concrete batching machine, it needs electricity to work, so it should be convenient to use electricity.
Third, it is convenient to transport, because the mini mix concrete plant for sale is generally used for engineering construction, so the produced concrete should be transported to the required construction site, and the transportation is convenient to facilitate the use of concrete.

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