Mini mobile concrete batching mixing plant

The mini mobile concrete batching mixing plant YHZS25 and YHZS35 are designed overall and forming a single unit, they are easy to transfer, the maximum speed can reach 50~60km/h. Equipped with JS series forced concrete mixer, the working ability of them are strong. The mini mobile batching plant model stands out in two aspects, one is small and the other is moving. Around these two characteristics, concrete batching plant manufacturers have very systematic design for the batching plant itself.
mini mobile concrete batching mixing plant
Feature 1, how to handle the mini equipment working ability
We have optimized the mini mobile concrete batching plant from the structure, which is the ingredients, weighing, mixing work is more reasonable, and the mixing efficiency is higher. As we all know, in order to improve the space utilization rate, reduce production costs, most of the mini concrete batching plant adopt the skip hopper for the aggregates, use concrete mixer with the hopper to match production, although the economy is good, but the output is low. The mini mobile concrete mixing plant uses a belt conveyor to improve the conveying efficiency because of the characteristics.

Feature 2, how to enhance device mobility and convenience
If the you have seen the stationary concrete batching plant, you will be very impressed by the huge structure and complicated legs. Now the overall structure of the the new mini mobile concrete batching mixing plant will form a tight whole, convenient for consignment, and also more convenient to exercise directly on the road, the mobility and convenience of this kind of concrete batching plant has been greatly improved.

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