The mobile batch plant fully automatic control system

With the continuous development of urban modernization and large-scale water conservancy projects, the mobile batch plant boom in the construction projects. Due to the conventional way of producing concrete from the construction site is difficult to ensure quality, noise and dust pollution, it will be replaced by an automatic controlled mobile batching plant. Now, what are the advantages of the automatic control system equipped with in the mobile concrete batching plant?

mobile batch plant

1, save costs and improve the efficiency
The mobile concrete batching plant adopts fully automatic control system. After weighing, the aggregate, powder, water and external additives enter the concrete mixer automatically, realizing full automation of the entire batching plant operation. It only requires 1-2 workers to complete the operation and greatly reduces manpower, saved labor costs and improved the efficiency of the entire mobile concrete mixing plant.
2, the operation is convenient, the ratio is precise
Automatic control system automatic zero tracking, digital calibration, can store dozens of formulas, different materials individually weighed, the ratio is precision during the operation of the mobile concrete batching plant. In addition, button-type operation is simple and convenient, workers do not need high level of expertise and are easy to use.
3, reliable operation and easy maintenance
The mobile batch plant is equipped with a fully automatic control system, the modular operation is simple, the entire station runs reliably, the failure rate is low and maintenance is very convenient.

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