Mobile batching plant installation preparation advice

Mobile concrete batching plant is more convenient than stationary concrete batching plant on transport and installation. Due to the mobile batching plant collect many device into one unit and can be tied on the truck trailer, mobile type batching plant is welcomed by mall project company. Furthermore, the installation of a mobile concrete batching plant is the foundation of high productivity and save cost, so the friends who want to or have already bought a mobile batching plant should know the preparation of concrete batching plant installation. Take YHZS series mobile concrete batching plant as example, let us talk about the installation preparation.

mobile batching plant

Because of the structure features, installation of a modern automatic equipped mobile batching plant does not require any special tools. The most important device on the construction site is a mobile crane which used to lift the modules and equipment from a truck onto the foundations. In addition, a cherry picker is required in order to attach and detach the crane hooks at an altitude of several meters. Furthermore the installation only need basic tools are required, such as socket wrench sets, screwdrivers, welding machines drilling machines. On the personnel aspect, only a plumber, an electrician and 2-3 workers are needed for basic installations, in common, a mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer supply the service for free installation, so after you have bought one set, the manufacturer will arrange worker for installation after the equipment is delivered to the construction site. The mobile concrete batching plant requires a flat concrete foundation, as well as ready-made water, electricity connections and a loading ramp to the aggregate bins either. After these tools, device, personnel and other preparation are ready, the installation have been success a half, it is easy for carry out the installation.

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